My real name is Moses Shamasapo aka Zed Yung Man, a proud and ambitious Zambian who is also a multi genre artist/rapper/trapper/Song writer born on the 7th of August 2000 right here in Lusaka Zambia.


I started music as an aspiring artist in 2014 and officially took it serious in 2016 when I met Paxtan who’s also an artist. So I empowered myself to follow my music dream as a kid who always dreamt of becoming what he his today.


It’s been a rough journey to be where I am today as a solo artist trying to manifest to the people at large and it’s not an easy thing I must say. People will always criticise me, belittle me and make me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing but that’s their business and I do me.


Well, I have worked with artists like Paxtan, Bek Zela, Noshkidd, Tashly Trealls, Revo and Astizya. These artist mentioned are awesome especially Bek Zela he is talented and so creative. Working with him was super cool on a project titled “Butterflies” produced by Revo which is my biggest and favourite song from my album tagged “Black Clouds” which contains 10 songs.


I’m not signed at the moment, I’m an independent artist and I have self managed my work.