According to the producer interviewed, I mean Kuami P2 asked Afrolhord on MORNING VIBEz SHOwBiz who is the best dancer in Ghana, and Afrolhord has now chosen his best dancer in Ghana. Afrolhord’s full name-Wisdom Owolabi Alani Araba Olalekan Hamed Stallion Kweku Gregory Spencer Oswald Dimdim Washington Smoke Scott (born May 24, 2000) is professionally called AFROLHORD, and others call him KelvynKid or Lhord Kwaku Sizeless. He is a Ghanaian dancer, choreographer and graphic designer. He is also the creator of the lat dance Move (CALCULATE DANCE MOVE) on the street. He is a product of the British Vocational College and is currently based in Tema. Please continue to support him and inform here of the good news every day and at any time.