Italian Based Ghanaian born superstar, Nazz King has on his social media post, paid tribute to his late Ghanaian born European friend, Chief Zuu Bukali.


The great Son of Northern Ghana where Nazz King also recite from was confirmed dead yesterday by his relatives.

According to reports, Chief Zuu Bukali died of a feeble illness he complained about just hours before his sadly demise.

Nazz King who was heartbroken by the news took to his facebook to pen down an emotional tribute, he described his blossom friend as a “Great Son Of His Kingdom, Dagbon”.

“My kingdom lose a great son.bro we promise to support our people tell the end.bro God be with you.i nabila will never forget to pray for you love your people.and we love you to. Last time we meet it was wonderful.and I know we will meet again in heaven.😭😭😭🤲🤲🤲”


The two formed an association of Dagbon Union in europe, targetted to help and support the Dagbani Kingdom and its people in their divest ways.

The late Zuu Bukali was the leader of the association, assisted by the star, Nazz King