VERSE I You can be here today and be gone tomorrow. I take another shot of water just to drown my sorrow. Cause this pain got me feeling like I’m losing control. I never thought I’d lose my father until he grows gray and old. He told me life is never easy; to never let it faze me. Growing up in Haiti’s the beginning of my story. In broad daylight, you can be walking next to a zombie. Truth be told, believe me. You can step out for a minute but never come back home. Nothing is impossible where I come from. It breaks my heart when I see what have been done. My people are struggling day and night; just living is a fight. When will this all be over? ‘Cause we’re falling over. Will this all be over? ‘Cause it feels like never.


Hook I’m torn to pieces. I feel like I’m losing it all. I be trying hard not to fall, but everything around come crashing….come crashing down.



VERSE II No matter what I’ll still rise up. Although the journey is long, no, I won’t give up. Memories of pain take hold of me to hold me back, so I can lose my step, slip, and fall to knock me off my track. Early morning…(oh ah) the birds are singing..(oh ah oh) bring in a new day (bring in a new day); this is a new day (this is a new day). My life is a testimony. I open the Bible, close my eyes and pray “my Lord forgive me”. Show me a way so I can escape this mental cemetery. I be trying to do right; I be trying to hold on to the peace in my heart. Still

Lyrics: Jean-Odlin Jean-Noel