Lynx Entertainment marked craftsman, Dennis Nana Dwamena, expertly known as Kidi has commended the King of Rap, Michael Owusu Addo, notable as Sarkodie in his new tweet.

Sarkodie being unarguably the awesome the rap game who has set the norm for best in class rappers to follow, it is no astounding that Kidi considers him the King he accepts he is.

Lord Sark has made the country famous through his specialty and has acquired worldwide acknowledgment, labeled as quite possibly the most embellished rappers in the scene. In Kidi’s new tweet, Kidi lauded Sarkodie, saying that he is sizeless in the rap game.

He expressed; “Sark is sizeless in this rap game” !

Elsewhere in the world, legitimate Ghanaian prophet, Reindolph Odoru Gyebi, prevalently known as Eagle Prophet has uncovered that there is a destruction holding tight the shoulders of the nation however Ghanaians have overlooked a few admonition because of their own estimations about godly men.

In his most recent disclosure, he uncovered that a quandary is going to happen to the entertainer and socialite, Rosemond Brown, notable as Akuapem Poloo.

As indicated by Eagle Prophet, a gathering of 12 people are conspiring to assault the entertainer which may cause her death simultaneously. He said that he saw the entertainer lying in a pool of blood dead, in this way Ghanaians should appeal to God for her.