Bukom Banku is by all accounts going through it. He conceded a meeting today and portrayed a few trials which had him in tears.

Bukom Banku was in the studio with his child and referenced that he has a ton of disdain in his heart for him. He expressed that he has an ex he cautioned his child to remain clear off yet totally failed to receive any notice.


He went to the degree of thumping him into breaking with the young lady and his child called the police to capture him. He demanded that he doesn’t care for his child the slightest bit and he feels a ton of torment when he sees his child.

He conceded he actually takes care of him however has disdain for him in his heart. His child conceded that what he said was valid yet couldn’t give a motivation behind why he did that to his dad

Banku called his child discourteous and blamed him for being a fraudster. He referenced he has cautioned him severally to stop however he actually hasn’t. He depicted the go about as a revile and the moderator needed to meddle on the grounds that he was getting amazingly furious.

His child referenced he has parted ways with the said ex and before he could clarify further, Bukom Banku burst into wild tears.

The fighter referenced that he was bankrupt and needed to request cash before they endure. He additionally grumbled of an eye injury he supported from boxing. He was unable to control his tears and you could tell he was in torment.

All things considered, may he should discover the satisfaction he needs and focus on his spouses so he doesn’t confront this load of adversities.

Friendly benefactor is a rich man’s game and for somebody who needs to ask others before his family can endure, he ought to pass on this one.