Biography:Baby Kiss Ghana’s Youngest Fast Rising Artiste

My birth name is Phillip Winful. I am 21 years of age.i Was born in Awutu Breku and also currently staying here. I am the second of five children. Attended Ojobi DA primary and JHS and completed in the year 2013 and continued the secondary level of my education at the Cherish Snr High at mankessim and completed in the year 2017. Because of financial problems couldn’t continue to the tertiary so I went into driving to earn some living. Also went into football because I used to be in the football team way back in school. Currently I am into mobile money, credit cards and transfer sales, phone charging and music transfer. But with the love and passion I had and still have for music its my greatest dream to be big time musician which I know will help send Ghana music far. The first song I wrote was entitled blessing in the year 2016 and I quite remember my mates in school jammed to it and said I stole the lyrics. That was the time I realized I had to do something with these talent. My hobbies are singing and playing football.