Malvo509 was born in Ti Bouk, Obòy, Haiti and raised in Miami, Florida. His love for music is rooted in his Haitian background, a vibrant culture where music is in their DNA. His passion for music began at an early age playing the accordion. He was inspired by listening to legendary Haitian musicians like Coupe Cloue, Ti Manno and L’Orchestre Tropicana D’Haiti with his cousin. At age 7, Malvo509 and his family moved from their village to the city of Cap-Haiten after he mistakenly set their home ablaze with his accordion inside. He took a more serious approach to music after moving to Miami, Florida and started learning guitar by frequently watching and elderly man playing one on his way home from school. Today, Malvo509 is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and composer. He began making a name for himself on the world stage with his energetic approach to the arts. Between his skill playing electric guitar, empowering lyrics, and unique production technique, he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He is a founding member of the soul, rock, reggae band, Oxygen Box; a band that has been shining in the hearts of their fans since their debut EP, Soul Surgery in 2011. He is a self-proclaimed music messenger and servant with the purpose of promoting wellness and freedom in the individual. As the music composer for the award-winning documentary, Twoub Mantal- Healing a Nation, directed by Jean-Rene Rinvil, Malvo509 inspired multitudes with his invaluable enhancement of the visual bringing awareness to the underexposed topic of mental health. Malvo509 is currently based in Montclair, New Jersey where he continues his effort to reach the world through music. He is a co-founder of Soul Surgery Productions, LLC.